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Trend Alert: Corset Knickers

By Jill Sherman · October 6, 2008 · 0 Comments ·

Glamour Corset Brief at pjlingerie.com

Damaris Scarlet Silk Corset Knickers at glamorousamorous.com

Sexy Little Things 'Starlet' Panty at victoriassecret.com

Ribbon Lace-up Back Teddy at loverslaneintimates.com

Lace-Up Panty at laceembrace.com

Cameo Lace Up Back Retro Panty at cameo-intimates.com

Corset Boyshort by Porcelynne Lingerie

Lace Up Chinese Panty at allurelingerie.co.uk

Wide Lace Panty at fredericks.com

Currently Obsessed With: Girls In Moustaches

By Jill Sherman · October 3, 2008 · 0 Comments ·
Photo by Alli Jiang

According to an article in the 'Journal of Nonverbal Behavior,' men grow moustaches, beards, and sideburns when they have difficulty getting hitched. In fact, data from 1842–1971 suggests that the number of men with moustaches increases when there is an ample supply of single men on the prowl. Conversely, the moustache ratio decreases when men are cheating. (This is because men tend to shave their moustaches, possibly to convey an impression of trustworthiness to their women, to cover their tracks. Um...WTF!?)

That being said, the recent proliferation of women wearing fake moustaches, attending fashionable 'moustache parties,' and participating in the first [and hopefully last] Moustache Fashion Week 2008 has me stumped. Even 'I Kissed a Girl' singer Katy Perry is getting in on the act. ("I kissed a girl...then grew facial hair...") And according to this photo gallery, it would appear that there might be a fetish in the making. Does this mean I can finally stop waxing my upper lip? Or is Dr. Phil just bringing sexy back?

Singer Katy Perry in self-adhesive moustache at fredflare.com

Moustache Necklace by Tatty Devine

Bernhard Willhelm, Spring 2009

Vivienne Westwood, Fall 2008

Dino Alves, S/S 2008

Bernard Willhelm, Fall 2008

Photo by Melography

Queen with Moustache Tee at superficial.com

Photographer Lili Forberg

Moustache Girl Fin Décembre

I'm Baaaaccccck!

By Jill Sherman · October 2, 2008 · 0 Comments ·
Last week I headed off to Albania for my sister's wedding (thinking I would have access to the Internet. Apparently, I thought wrong.) The good news is, I'm back! I also had the opportunity to meet with Albanian designer Rezarta Skifteri while I was there and have an interesting article in the works. Stay tuned!

Design by Rezarta Skifteri, Fall 2008

Currently Obsessed With: Paper Clips

By Jill Sherman · September 24, 2008 · 0 Comments ·
Shu Uemura Paper Clip Lashes

Only one year after Microsoft finally retired the uber-annoying, shifty-eyed 'Clippy' [R.I.P.], the fashion world brings the paper clip back. Okay, so maybe not in the annoying, "Looks like you could use the help of a totally annoying animated paper binder" way, but in a much more subtle, fashionable way.

The universally-hated, eternally-loathed 'Clippy'

In all fairness, the 'fashionable paper clip' is not exactly a new idea. (Hell, I had an entire arsenal of paper clip accessories as a kid, but enough about me.) In the 1970's, Coco Chanel created a gold paper clip necklace for her favorite first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. And, with the fashionable paper clip back in vogue, is it any surprise that home shopping giant QVC is peddling a 'reproduction' of this famous necklace for $80? Coco is probably turning in her grave -- and maybe 'Clippy' is too.

Paper Clip Hanger by Jaehyung Hong

Fall '08 Fashion: Just Bee Yourself

By Jill Sherman · September 23, 2008 · 0 Comments ·
Photo: Model Isabella Rosellini in Green Porno

I'm replaying the fall '08 runways in my head when an image of model Isabella Rossellini clouds my thoughts. Why is this interesting? Because, earlier this year, the fashion icon dressed up like a bee [among other things] and starred in insect porn without losing the respect of [most of] the fashion community. Hugh Hart of WIRED interviewed Isabella, and among the myriad of totally inappropriate questions he could have asked, he went with, "Were you concerned that dressing up in a bee costume might affect your image as a high-style glamour icon?" to which Rossellini replied, "I never really think about what I have to do to stick to my image. I just follow what I like to do. Sometimes it's glamorous, sometimes it's not."

Who needs huge breasts when you have double-D eyeballs?

Hmmmm, just following what she likes to do? I'm hoping that bee orgies and snail trail aren't on her bucket list. (Oh well, can't fault a girl for being adventurous. Not!) What I find unbelievable about the WIRED interview is this: A fashion icon stars in a movie called "Green Porno" in which she re-enacts insect sex, and the interviewer wants to know if "dressing up like a bee" might hurt her career? How about, "Do you think still photographs of you mounting the ass of a fruit fly will hurt you in the future?" Now THAT my friends is what I [we] really want to know.

But bee sex aside, the fall 2008 runways really were buzzing with black and yellow. So if you feel like getting your bee on, now's your chance. Just stay away from the insect porn for my sake. I'm not looking to do another post like this anytime soon ;)

Catherine Holstein, Fall 2008

Jeremy Scott & Eley Kishimoto, Fall 2008

Sera Lily, Fall 2008

Twelve by Twelve Striped Sweater Dress
Leila Yellow Bee Necklace at shopkitson.com
Melissa 'Fetish' Heel at nipilandstore.com

Mary DeMarco Queen Bee Necklace at modernartisans.com
Jami Rodriguez Bee Citrine Necklace and Drop Earrings at maxandchloe.com
White and Yellow Gold Honeycomb Ring at netaya.com
Yellow Gold & Diamond Honey Bee Ring at amazon.com

Silver Honey Dish at delight.com

Papusza Couture 'Cardinal' Dress at smashingdarling.com

Trend Alert: Boob Bullseye?

By Jill Sherman · September 22, 2008 · 0 Comments ·
Sonia Rykiel, Spring 2009

Manish Arora, Spring 2009

Osman Yousefzada, Spring 2009

House of Holland, Spring 2009

Rosa Cha, Spring 2009

Stine Fagervik-Rosen, Spring 2009

Alice McCall, Spring 2009

Armand Basi One, Spring 2009

Phillipines Fashion Week, Fall 2008

G.V.G.V. by Mug, Spring 2009

Fantastic [Clear] Plastic

By Jill Sherman · September 22, 2008 · 0 Comments ·
In July of '07, Robert Basler of Reuters declared that clear plastic was going to be 'the new black leather.' Two months later, he was beside himself when he saw the Agatha Ruiz de la Prada boots (pictured above), praising the fashion world for actually "paying attention to our practical needs." (Jokingly, of course) The best words uttered by Basler in relation to clear plastic [specifically the aforementioned boots] were these:
"And once that first speeding taxi zooms through a mud puddle and splashes you, you’ll have filthy sewer water visible up to your calves, maybe with worms and spiders and old bagels floating there, too. Your friends will watch the show like some bad screensaver, while your marinating toes turn to Raisinets. But hey, small price to pay for fashion, right?"
Gross, but true. I actually cracked a smile when I read it.

Enrico Coveri, Spring 2009

But alas, Spring '09 collections have sprung, and with them are above-the-knee clear plastic creations -- some tasteful, some dreadful. (Basler was actually onto something!) And while plastic won't be replacing black leather any time soon, it may eventually give it a run for it's money. (Seriously, wait until you see the black plastic garbage bag fashions. It will take your breath away, the same way getting kicked in the stomach takes your breath away!)

So, for those of you that associate clear plastic with grandmas and fetish clubs, I give you more ready-to-wear plastic creations:

Emma Cook, Spring 2009

Chanel, Resort 2009

Proenza Schouler, Spring 2009

Manoush Plastic Lace Jacket at yoox.com

Emma Cook, Spring 2009

Trend Alert: Sock Garters

By Jill Sherman · September 18, 2008 · 0 Comments ·
Nerea Lurgain, Spring 2009

My first reaction was, "Ack! It's grandpa all over again." But after a few deep breaths, I concluded that the trend wasn't a total shock after all (given the proliferation of knee highs in the coming season). Particularly intriguing is the sock-garter-over-tights look which we can thank the beautiful Roxanne Carter (below) for. Who knew the look might actually grow on me (even if only on another person?)

Roxanne Carter wearing sock garters over tights

Heart & Star Sock Garters at dashboardmaryshop.com

Sock Garters at healingheartdesigns.com

Sock Garters at sockdreams.com

Miss Dater Sock Garters at bonadrag.com

Trend Alert: Skeleton Style

By Jill Sherman · September 18, 2008 · 0 Comments ·
Christian Lacroix, Spring 2009

What many felt was a snub at 'skeletal chic' by designer Rosa Chain Spring '08 has apparently taken on a life of it's own in '09. While it's too early to call it [NY fashion week has only just begun] it would appear that bones -- rib cages, skeletons, pelvic bones, spines etc. -- have inspired a new architecture, perhaps an evolution of the fall 2008 'cage' (think Jean Paul Gaultier).

Now if we could just get a wishbone stiletto, I will be one very happy girl. (And can I just say that I'm glad to see the models actually wearing bones instead of being the bones!)

Givenchy, Spring 2009

Rodarte, Spring 2009

Alice McCall and Felipe OlveiraBaptista, Spring 2009

Louise Goldin, Spring 2009

Chado Ralph Rucci, Giles – Spring 2009

Ohne Titel, Spring 2009

Hisui, Spring 2009

Somarta, Spring 2009
Jean-Charles deCastelbajac, A/W 08

Iodice, Spring 2009

Herve Ledger, Spring 2009

Jeremy Laing, Spring 2009

Silence is Golden, Australia Fashion Week

When Birds Land On Your Face

By Jill Sherman · September 18, 2008 · 0 Comments ·
Photo: Andre Sarta, Spring 2009

The breathtaking masks that unexpectedly appeared on Andres Sarda's Spring 2009 runway yesterday reminded me of some stunning (and surprisingly inexpensive) bird masks by artist Tom Banwell. I've had my eye on them for awhile, and Sarda's collection has only rekindled my desire. (Not a bad idea with Halloween less than six weeks away, you think? And what better way to keep the scarecrows away -- or is it the other way around?)


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